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2009 BVI Spring Regatta — Team BVI Summary

Team BVI gets first place Bitter End Trophy!

The BVI Spring Regatta started off in high gear and Team BVI was on the top of their game. The first race was from Nanny Cay to the Bitter End and commenced at 10: 15 am on March 31, 2009. The teams were allotted 6 hours to complete the course of which team BVI only need 3 hours and 20 minutes to dominate the race. The course took the team from Nanny Cay, heading east on the Sir Francis Drake channel and then south between Salt and Peter Island, leaving Salt and Cooper Island to port of the vessel. The course then took us back into the Sir Francis Drake channel and outside The Dogs; from here the team needed only 3 tacks to make it to the finish line. Victory was in plain view and the Bitter End trophy was later awarded to the team for first place.  Read more...

jtv Interviews Captain Marsha and Team BVI

This fascinating interview brings Captain Marsha's and Team BVI's viewpoint about the strategies and tactics they employed while racing in the BVI's Spring Regatta '09. Team BVI is a team that brings the BVI community together to race and represented the BVI in the Bareboat A division of the BVI Spring Regatta 09. This is a great overview of Team BVI, the support from the community, applying tactics and overcoming challenges all in the spirit of the team work.

Captain Marsha and the "Race of a Lifetime!"

As seen in the Black Outdoorsman Magazine: The Race of a Lifetime is a featured article by our own Captain Marsha! It tells of the exciting, white knuckled Anegada Pursuit race from the insider's viewpoint — that of the captain!

"The anticipation had been building for six months and now that the time had arrived, my heart was bursting with excitement. End of satisfied Blue Odyssey Yacht customer quote. (Click here to read the whole story...)

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Cruising Ground Restaurant Reviews by Captain Marsha

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  • Pirates Restaurant in the Bight at Norman Island offers world class ribs, rated the Best ribs in the BVI. — Moderately priced (and good value for money).
  • Cooper Island Beach Club at Cooper Island is currently under construction, usually good food but service was horrible and the food was lacking this season. We will post new updates once the facilities have been completed. — Moderately priced.
  • Peter Island Resort Beach Restaurant usually good food, but the past few weeks have been a little less than desirable. — Over priced.
  • Pusser’s Marina Cay offers excellent choices, good food, large selection and lovely ambiance. — Moderately priced.
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There are many fun-filled events organized by Blue Odyssey.

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Captain Marsha BVI certified specialist.

New to sailing?

t Blue Odyssey Vacations we offer "learn to sail" vacations where we turn your sailing dreams into reality. Your lessons are just the beginning of a lifetime of enjoyment on the water. We will provide expert instruction on sailing fundamentals, so we can help you become proficient sailors. You can hire a captain, who will show you “the ropes” and be your inside guide to piloting, mooring, anchoring and general nautical skills. This will be an invaluable experience that you will take away with you.

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Current News

Jelly Fish

Beware of dangerous jellyfish recently spotted in the BVI.

As the summer has descended upon us, so has the Jelly Fish. As of July 20th, Moon Jelly fish were spotted in the British Virgin Islands at the Dogs and Peter Island. The moon Jelly fish are round and has a distinct purple color. This species is not known to be quite as dangerous as the “Box Jellies” and the “Man O’ Wars”; however, do exercise caution. If spotted, swim in the opposite direction. There has been a few sighting of the “Box Jellies” which are usually smaller in size. If stung by either of these, while still in the water, brush the affected area in a sweeping motion to get some of the poison out or pour some vinegar on the area and seek medical attention. Do not run fresh water over the affected area because it magnifies the pain by about 10 times. To read more about jelly fish, visit or make a comment and ask questions in the Captain's Blog.

British Virgin Islands on the ABC news (link)

Sailing Season comes to an end in the BVI

Now that the sailing season is coming to an end in the BVI, if you envision real solitude and desolate beaches, now is the time to sail the BVI. Despite the fact that hurricane season begins in June and ends in November, this should not be a major deterrent seeing hurricanes do not show up without notice. You are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to ensure your vacation is covered in the event it is interrupted by Mother Nature.

If you do decide to sail be informed that you may want to plan on preparing most meals aboard your vessel as most restaurants are closing at the end of July and others on the 15th of August. This is partly due to the fact that these businesses are preparing for the upcoming 2010 sailing season.

A few closing notes: Saba Rock, Leverick Bay, Sand Box and Pirates Bight all confirmed they will be closing on July 31st.
The Bitter End and Marina Cay closing on August 15th.

For more details, do contact a Blue Odyssey Vacations consultant or share your input with everyone in the Captain's Blog.

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