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Sailing Destinations in the South Pacific

For most sailors, a cruise to the South Pacific is still a dream. Now you can confidently turn your dream sailing vacation to the South Pacific into reality, and be assured we are here to help you get there. Explore these un-spoilt islands on a bareboat yacht charter or with a captain only charter exploring the French Polynesianislands Tahiti; Raiatea, Moorea and meet undoudbtedly, some of the friendliest people in the world.

You will agree that there is magic in the word Tahiti. Live the romance of your favorite old movies. Sail in the wake of the Polynesian explorers who came to these islands in dugout canoes. Swim in the brilliant blue lagoons that up to now you have seen only on travel posters.

Tahiti New Zealand
Australia The Pittwater & Whitsunday Islands

Experience the glorious sailing and scenery of New Zealand. You will feel right at home in what is often called the sailing capital of the world.

Sailing Down Under has never been easier, as there are many opportunities for private yacht vacations in Australia, Pittwater and the Whitsunday Islands.

Weather and sailing conditions vary greatly from one Pacific location to another, so your Vacation Planning Specialist will help you choose the ideal season and yacht for you.

From the caribbean and the meditteranean, we are committed to you, so let us take you there!  Blue Odyssey Vacations.
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