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Sailing North America on a Chartered Yacht - bareboat or crewed

here are two cruising grounds identified in North America that every sailor should visit at least once. The level of sailing varies, therefore it is highly recommended that you do some research to better decide which destination best suits your sailing skills. Sailing seasons are weather dependent and vary from one location to the other but as a rule of thumb, the summer months are considered high season. These Islands are yours to explore and the best way is a private bareboat or crewed yacht charter!

Sailing Abacos, Bahamas

The Bahamas consist of an archipelago of over seven hundred islands and cays stretching almost five hundred miles from Great Inagua in the south to Walker's Cay in the north.

Discover turquoise waters, sparkling beaches, moderate winds and a wealth of interesting anchorages where the vivid blue of the Gulf Stream turns northward. These fantastically rich waters bring exceptional sailing to the cruising paradise of The Bahamas. Nature took time to build a sparkling arc; letting centuries of coral make the fine foundation for these low-lying islands. The attraction here is in the subtle beauty of soft sands, sheltered sailing, and surprising delights of seclusion.

Known as one Of the World's Great Cruising Grounds and once the home of swash buckling privateers, one of the world's great cruising areas is found in the clear, reef-protected waters of the spectacular Abacos. Easy air access from anywhere in North America makes this "the Caribbean that's close to home." And from all corners of the world visitors come to find warm sun, the most beautiful turquoise waters and hundreds of secluded beaches of soft white sand.

Easy line-of-sight navigation will take you to all of the best spots. On most passages you'll enjoy a nice 1-2 hour sail. Trade winds blow anywhere from 5-20 knots. The entire cruising ground is protected by a barrier reef, which moderates sea conditions year-round. Due to the shallow nature of these waters it is extremely important that close attention is paid to the tide while underway as well as entering and departing harbours.

Sailing the Pacific North West

Changed from Ship Harbor to Anacortes in 1876 by Amos Bowman, Anacortes is an appealing destination in itself as well as a good overnight stopover. Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest is the charming, historically rich waterfront community of Anacortes on Fidalgo Island. Equally distanced between Seattle to the south and Vancouver, British Columbia to the north, Anacortes is a great place to experience "island time" without having to board a ferry.

Anacortes has rightly earned its title as "Gateway to the San Juan Islands." All the beauty and intrigue of the San Juan and Gulf Islands are only a short cruise away. For this reason, Anacortes, once a major port of departure for many fishing fleets of the North Pacific, has become a world-class marine recreation destination. The cruising season extends from April through to October, with southeasterly to southwesterly winds ranging from 5 to 15 knots in the summer. The tidal range for this the area is 10 to 12 feet.

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