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What to pack for your Yachting Adventure

f this is your first time to the Caribbean or you are a repeat vacationer, it will probably not be your last. One needs very little in the islands so we want to help you pack sensibly as 90 percent of visitors pack too much clothing. There are only a few items that you will need when you are on a Private Yacht vacation. Here we list the most important items for you.

To pack

  • Bathing suits
  • A few shirts
  • A few pair of shorts
  • Summer dress for the ladies and light pair of slacks and for the men
  • A colored (Polo) shirt for the evening can sometimes come in handy for dining out
  • A camera and plenty of film is mandatory, as you will need to capture every passing moment
  • Lots of sun block to protect your skin against being sun burnt
  • A long sleeve shirt, pair of trousers, sunshade (polarized lens suggested)
  • A hat will always come in very handy

In general

We recommend you pack these items in a soft duffle bag, this makes for easier storage on a yacht as well as good carry-on luggage.

Remember to pack any prescription drugs you may need as finding your prescribed medication can sometimes be a challenge in any foreign country. These should be packed in your carry on luggage. Snorkelers and divers may want to bring their favorite masks and fins. Divers may want to bring their favorite regulators and BC's, however, it is easier to rent most dive gear, as larger items can be a hassle to cart around. Tanks and weight belts on the island can be rented at most dive companies, however, please double check with your vacation planner for specifics to your desired destination.

Please note, you may want to check with your preferred charter company before packing masks and snorkels as most companies provide complimentary gear.


Fifty percent of vacationers will be quick to announce that they never get sun burnt. However, in the Caribbean you will quickly meet your match. In the tropics, the sun is often deceptively masked by the cool breezes. Bear in mind that over exposure is the major cause of sickness and discomfort among visitors. We strongly recommend the use of sun block, preferably SPF 15 or higher and as a bit of advice, you may want to keep covered most of the day. Loose long sleeve cotton clothing (white suggested as it is cooler), hats and sunglasses are a must. Do not take for granted that a cloudy day means you should let your guard down, as even on these days as well as in the shade, you still stand the chance of being affected by the sun.

Remember, a tan is very easy to come in the Islands so do so safely and wisely.

From the caribbean and the meditteranean, we are committed to you, so let us take you there!  Blue Odyssey Vacations.
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