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The Indian Ocean

Twenty four islands set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from the nearest land mass; the Seychelles are jewels of nature, almost undiscovered by Tourism. They lay waiting for you, perfect in their original state. Move carefully under sail. Praslin boast the world's only remaining forest of sea coconut palms and some of the rarest species of birds on earth. Just off Praslin lies a host of small islands, ideal for gunk holing and short relaxing sail. Saint Pierre is famed for its crystal clear water and loved for its native giant sea turtles. We cannot help but agree that the swimming and snorkeling are incomparable.

On La Digue, the oldest granite in the world sits in rocky clusters on golden beaches. You can hike from beach to beach or rent bicycles and explore. Oxcarts will be the only vehicle you encounter in the roadway.

Mahe is the largest of the islands. There are cafes, shops and a wonderful market. Cinnamon plantations in the interior scent the island. Dozens of beaches from its outer fringe.

The southern winter, April through October, is the best time to sail. There is more rain in the summer season, November to April but the tropical showers are cooling and end quickly. Since the islands lay outside the cyclone belt, storms are rare.

The Seychelles abound in spectacular vistas, exotic wildfire, pristine beaches and warm hospitality. It is absolutely true that there is nowhere else in the world quite like these islands lost in time.

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