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Learn more about the different types of sailing vacations

Bareboat chartering lets you set our own pace, added packages are available.


Bareboating is suited for the more experienced, as the head charter or assigned captain is responsible for the vessel. You set your own pace and sails, and have the choice of adding packages such as water sport and provisions, or you can choose to provide your own.

Bareboating with a crew chartering suits experienced as well as beginners who want more experience.

Bareboating with crew

Bareboating with crew is suited for experienced sailors who wish to have someone else set the sails while they set the pace, or for new sailors who want to gain more experience. This is ideal for the experienced as well as beginners, it is a great way to set sail. You also have the ability to hire both captain and cook or either.

Crewed charters are luxurious yachting adventures that pamper you with the finest sailing and dining.

Crewed charters

Crewed charters are all inclusive, and suited for individuals who like to be pampered. The vessel comes with a captain and gourmet chef and they are usually a native or resident of the area.

Sailing a flotilla is an adventure, following a lead boat, which offers a unique way to experience a new area and meet new people.


Flotillas are a good way to see a new area, meet new people and party with new friends. A flotilla is much like a bareboat charter except you will travel in a group and follow a lead boat, operated by natives or residents of the area. This is like having your own tour guide. Flotillas are usually specific weeks in certain months (not all companies offer this package).

Blue Odyssey Vacations, however, is currently offering flotilla charters: check out our fun-filled flotilla adventures currently being offered! (Belize and the BVI). If you have any other questions, ask your Vacation Planning Specialist for more information on any of these packages.

From the caribbean and the meditteranean, we are committed to you, so let us take you there!  Blue Odyssey Vacations.
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