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Sailing the Caribbean

lue skies, white sands, colorful frozen drinks; this is the image many travellers conjure when they think of the Caribbean. And the Caribbean definitely nurtures that image of carefree relaxation in enticing visitors to cast off their cares — and their shoes — to lose themselves in paradise. You will experience the vast treasures of the Caribbean you have only heard about on your private yacht — a traditional sailboat, catamaran, luxury yacht or motor yacht. Whether you choose to visit “Nature's Little Secrets” of the British Virgin Islands, “Pristine and un-spoilt” Belize or “A wealth of beauty and charm” in the Grenadines, rest assured you will experience a renewal in your spirit and the exciting sailing vacation of your wildest imagination.

Sail away to luxurious, exotic places that will tickle and tantalize your senses. There is much more to this aquamarine basin of Lush Island traveling between North and South America than tropical contentment. There is cultural enlightenment as well, and it shines on each island, illuminating the people, customs, cuisine and celebrations. Just this alone enhances the experience of those who care to discover it among the typical tourist diversions.

The climate in the Caribbean is ideal throughout with temperatures in the 70 and 80°F's (21-26°C) year round. The prevailing trade winds blow northeasterly from November to January, at 15 to 20 knots, with stronger winds possible mid - December through January. The trades become more easterly by February, and by June, they are blowing southeasterly at 10 to 15 knots.

Rain Showers are possible any time of the year, but they last just long enough to leave a rainbow!

Cruise the palm tree havens of the Caribbean! nature's little secrets.

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