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who we are

ur team at Blue Odyssey Vacations has been providing yachting vacations (both crewed and bareboat) for over 12 years. We want you to enjoy the benefits of our experience, seeing our consultants are qualified captains and Caribbean natives who are ready to lend their expertise. When you contact us you are not working with just expert yacht charter brokers but real people who have lived your dream. We will offer personalized service, while representing most charter companies and will comparison shop to get you the best deals and offer unbiased advice at no additional charge. We do the work, so you can share in the fun!

We will customize your sailing vacation to suite your need and taste. Enjoy the ease of bareboat and crewed charters and let us get you on your "sailing vacation that will renew your spirit!"

Blue Odyssey Vacations will recommend to you only reputable companies that have been established in the sailing industry for many years. These companies enable hundreds of valued customers, just like you, to set sail on a daily basis.

Individuals who have cruised, raced and worked in this industry for many years will do your vacation planning. The important factor that brings our qualified team together is their love for the ocean. We each take great pride in sharing our experience and favorite destinations with you, whether this is in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean or South Pacific.

 our people

Blue Odyssey Vacations was founded on the idea that a sailing vacation should be an adventure and experience lasting a lifetime. Years of traveling have taught us that the best way to see the world is aboard a private yacht.

In a day when customer service seems to have slipped from most priority lists, our team at Blue Odyssey Vacations is determined to make the difference. Because we know that satisfied clients are important to the continued success of our company, we will provide nothing but the highest level of service from the first point of contact with you.

At Blue Odyssey Vacations, we aim to provide you with a vacation that will renew your spirit and be an experience of a lifetime. We make your vacation planning hassle free and simple. You deserve this vacation and we believe that even the planning stages should be fun and easy. With this is mind, our expert yacht charter consultants will be of great value to you. One of our consultants will help you select the boat that best suits your budget, sailing needs and experience.

Captain Marsha

Captain Marsha is an expert Captain, certified BVI specialists and the best tourguide on the seas!

Marsha Smith is a Yacht-Master and Yacht Charter Consultant, she has worked in the Marine industry in capacity of technical support manager, customer service manager, administration, claims manager, debriefer, boat and chart briefer, vacation planning specialist and Captain for the last 13 years for companies such as The Moorings, Footloose, TMM, Conch Charters, BVI Yacht Charters and Horizon. With such experience no one is more qualified than our own captain Marsha to help you plan your sailing vacation. Jamaican born, Marsha has sailed across the Caribbean, guiding individuals and groups just like you on “sailing vacations that renew the spirit.” Clients rave about Captain Marsha's expertise on the high seas and her sailing and racing ability are unparalleled!

If you wonder what is next for the Captain, she is currently expanding her borders to explore the Mediterranean, Asia, Indian Ocean and South Pacific and invites you to join her as she discovers these new destinations.

 our commitment

We want you to discover secret places, experience other cultures and create lasting memories of honeymoons, anniversaries, family vacations, or just quiet time away from the craziness of everyday life!

Through our commitment, experience and expertise, Blue Odyssey Vacations has established a business relationship with our customers that last a lifetime!

From the caribbean and the meditteranean, we are committed to you, so let us take you there!  Blue Odyssey Vacations.
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